At, we want your experience to be silky smooth! You can find answers to Frequently Asked Questions below, if you believe something is missing we would be more than happy to answer you via e-mail.

  1. What is a galosh? 
    A galosh is an overshoe designed to be worn over leather dress shoes to protect them from rain, snow, slush and general wear and tear. You can find more information about our galoshes HERE
  2. How do you wear a galosh?  
    Our galoshes are made to be worn over leather shoes. They are particularly important to wear over leather-soled shoes as these are not waterproof. Galoshes are NOT to be worn over suede shoes.
  3. I can't find my country on your shipping list, can you still ship to my country?
    We currently ship solely to the countries on our shipping list. Kindly use our Store Locator to find your nearest SWIMS retailer.
  4. How do I choose the right size?
    Kindly follow our Size Guide which you may find on each product page or HERE
  5. How do I choose my galosh size?
    • Size M: Men's 6-7.5 (40-41.5)
    • Size L: Men's 8-9.5 (42-43.5)
    • Size XL: Men's 10-11.5 (44-45.5)
    • Size XXL: Men's 12-13 (46-47)
  6. How are the galoshes meant to fit? When worn over your shoes, the galosh should have a tight fit. If there is ample space between the shoe and the galosh, then you should go for a smaller size galosh.
  7. I would like to return the product I purchased, how do I move about this?
    Kindly follow our Return Policy instructions HERE
  8. I would like to exchange a product i purchased at, how do I move about doing this?
    Please note that we do not offer exchanges but you are of course welcome to make another purchase at Should you wish to complete a new purchase after returning a product, then feel free to send us an e-mail, we'd be more than happy to send you a voucher code!
  9. How do I clean and care for my SWIMS loafers & galoshes?
    Our loafers and galoshes need to be cared for like any other footwear for a long life. Kindly follow our Loafer Care instructions HERE
  10. Are the Penny Loafer Alligator, Tassel Loafer Alligator Emboss and Penny Loafer Alligator Emboss waterfriendly?
    Yes, they are water-friendly and washable; however we do not recommend using them in the water for swimming as the Lycra upper is highly water absorbent, hence will taker longer to dry and will feel heavier in comparison to our loafers with a nylon upper.
  11. My Dora Boots have white marks, how can I fix them? We use natural rubber for our Dora Boots, which needs to be regularly treated just like any leather shoe. You may use a silicone spray and a damp cloth to wipe the boots. This will keep them looking good as new!
  12. Do you produce men's footwear in size US 13 or above? Due to demand, our largest footwear size for men is US 12.
  13. Will I receive additional charges upon my order? If your shipping address is within the US or Canada, you may be liable to pay customs and sales tax. Any customs or import duties are charged once the parcel reaches its destination country. These charges must be paid by the recipient of the parcel. Please note that possible customs or import duty charges will not be refunded, should you wish to return your order.For current duty rates, contact your local customs office before you order, or check
  14. Where can I purchase SWIMS?
    You can purchase SWIMS in over 1200 retailers in over 40 countries world wide. Find your nearest SWIMS retailer on our Store Locator HERE
  15. Where is SWIMS from?
    SWIMS is a Norwegian brand, based in Oslo, Norway. You can read more about SWIMS HERE
  16. Can I return used products? Please note that you will not be refunded when returning used products. All goods returned for refund must be unused with original packaging intact.
  17. I'm an influencer and I would like to collaborate with SWIMS, who do I contact? We currently use to work with influencers, kindly create a profile on the platform and send us a direct message!