We strive to be transparent about our level of sustainability and the long-lasting relationships with our partners

Factories & Lab Partners

At SWIMS, we choose our manufacturing partners with utmost care. Our relationship to them is highly valued and needs constant nurturing and communication in order to motivate and build the essential foundation that enables the creation of "new excellence".

Friendship, trust and shared passion for craftsmanship and innovation are the most important qualities for us to maintain a successful relationship with our production facilities. Without a willingness to explore and challenge conventional ideas and manufacturing processes, SWIMS would never have been born. We look at our manufacturing partners as part of our extended family which cultivates a creative team spirit and an innovative environment.


We produce high quality products with a long life span, and highly encourage repair and reuse, striving to work towards less waste. We do not produce fast fashion, we produce products to care for and keep long term. Therefore, we closely study the raw materials we choose to use and always pick the most sustainable direction possible. Recyclable and eco-friendly materials are important to the SWIMS family and with this we have come far but constantly work to further improve our level of sustainability.

At SWIMS we know how to deal with the elements, especially water. SWIMS is a conceptual brand, not a category brand. It has an inherent permission to go to many places as long as it delivers on its values.

It can offer single items or collections depending on the needs of consumers. It can redefine the classic's but is not a nostalgic brand. SWIMS is not bound to seasons or locations. Its fields of play spans the resort, urban environments, the office and many recreational activities on, in or off the water.